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Environmental Monitoring (Environmental Monitoring)
Paoletti, Washimi, Sugimoto, Karathanasis, Menendez - 14:46 Monday 07 October 2019 (47123) Print this report
RF injection from remote with external antenna (task ENV08)
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Paoletti - 12:26 Wednesday 09 October 2019 (47163) Print this report

I can now add some more detailed plots and informations:

The sweep signal for each frequency was performed with 101 points distributed linearly between -12500Hz and + 12500Hz around the central frequency, with a scanning time of 3600s (ie: 36s for each point, with a delta_f of 250Hz)

6 MHz and 8 MHz are visible only in CEB sensor, while 56 MHz is barely visible even in NEB (I and Q only)

WEB does not seem to work at all, NEB seems noisy at 6 and 8 MHz (or does not work), CEB has problems in the frequency _mag (it seems that there is a frequency offset for 6 and 8 MHz, not for 56 MHz) and it also has many artifacts (see a zoom plot) spaced ~100Hz from each injected line

Note: in ALL the plots attached here the color scale is always the same, only to facilitate comparison.


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menendez - 11:24 Friday 11 October 2019 (47191) Print this report

The noise projection of the RF injections can be found in the attached plot. There was no coherence between the injections and Hrec so only an upper limit is available. In anycase the effect is well below the sensitivy of the interferometer (More than a factor 10).



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