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AdV-COM (automation)
carbognani, paoletti - 14:55 Thursday 12 September 2019 (46907) Print this report
Modifications on Coil Relay driving functions for NE/WE mirrors static charge measurements

Today early morning we have performed the modification on the Automation in order to support NE/WE mirrors static charge measurements and corresponding Coil Relay boxes hardware modifications.

The functions;

  • sb_low_noise_1()
  • sb_low_noise_2_p1()
  • sb_low_noise_2_p1p2()

contained in has been changed so that the  previously shorted relays are now kept closed.

The binary setting changes are listed below:

  • sb_low_noise_1():
    • 000000000000000000000000 -> 101000001010101000001010
  • sb_low_noise_2_p1():
    • 010100000000000000000101 -> 111100001010101000001111
  • sb_low_noise_2_p1p2():
    • 010100000101010100000101 -> 111100001111111100001111

In order to validate those changes before any other further action, a sb_low_noise_2_p1p2 equivalent command has been sent in LOW_NOISE_3_SQZ state with (as foreseen) no side effects and a whole relock cycle has been made without problems and coming back to a comparable sensitivity.

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