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AdV-DAQ (Data Acquisition and Global Control)
masserot - 12:08 Tuesday 10 September 2019 (46878) Print this report
DAQ maintenance activities


Reset the timing error of the SQZ_DBOX_2(SN58) DaqBox by reconfiguring it.


  • ENV_NEB_RF: I adjusted the vga gain to avoid ADC saturation . VGA gain from high gain mode 0xCE  to low gain mode 0x48
  • ENV_CEB_RF: as trial  I updated the vga gain from high gain mode 0xC0 to low gain mode 0x7F . This last modification created some troubles at the SPRB_Fb level. To recover the SPRB_Fb data collection , some servers were stopped and restarted (SPRB_Photodiodes, SPRB_Quadrants, EOM_Demod, EPRB_PC, TCS_CEB, EnvDemod, LNFS_ntp)
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