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Detector Characterisation (Tools)
narnaud - 4:59 Tuesday 10 September 2019 (46874) Print this report
Problem with lvalert_virgo (aka the DQR)

There is currently a problem with the virgorun user: that account cannot import Python libraries that are needed by (at least) lvalert_virgo (hence the DQRs) and seismon. The net result is that these two frameworks are currently not functionning properly. After discussion with Matteo and Gianmatteo, it has been decided to send an e-mail to Franco. This will be investigated further during the maintenance.

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narnaud, carbognani - 9:45 Tuesday 10 September 2019 (46876) Print this report

Renaming the potentially corrupted ~virgorun/.astropy into ~virgorun/.astropy.problem fixed the problem for now: lvalert_virgo is up and running again. If you have run a non-standard version of astropy under virgorun yesterday, please contact Franco so that the problem does not show up again.

carbognani - 8:59 Wednesday 11 September 2019 (46887) Print this report
Looking inside /olusers/virgorun/.astropy.problem/config
It can be seen that some editing was done on the astropy.cfg.

So either the problem is some wrong editing on that file or is associated to a different version of pyastro being used.
At the moment there are processes running on the LowLatencyTest VMP instance using more recent versions of astropy so most probably the cause of the problem is associated to them.

The correct solution here is the introduction of a different user (virgotst) for the test instances of VPM so that no side effects (very difficult to diagnose, in this case we have been relatively lucky) can impact virgorun (or virgod for the future).

This will be discussed at the next Online/Offline Computing (aka VDAS) meeting on Thursday
narnaud - 20:37 Sunday 03 November 2019 (47527) Print this report

This problem has occurred again tonight: we need to fix/workaround it for O3b!

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