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Virgo Runs (O3)
Sposito - 23:04 Sunday 08 September 2019 (46862) Print this report
Operator Report - Afternoon shift

Today, I found the ITF in SCIENCE mode. ~13.50 UTC ITF unlocked probably due to the strong wind. After lots of unlocks, ITF back in SCIENCE 16.55 UTC.  20.14 UTC ITF unlock again. 20.41 UTC ITF back in SCIENCE. 20.47 UTC ITF unlocked again. ITF left in the relocking acquisition.

As shown in the attachments strong wind and sea activities for the whole shift.

Guard tours (times in UTC)
from 14:53 to 15:23
from 17:17 to 17:44
from 19:17 to 19:41

Air Conditioning
(08-09-2019 15:45 - 08-09-2019 16:00) Operator on site with expert from remote
Status: Ended
Description: The was a strange behavior of the EE air conditioning system. I called the HVAC on call, together we decided to go check directly in the room. For safety under the request of D. Soldani, I only changed the set point of the splitter from 23 to 22.

(08-09-2019 16:30 - 08-09-2019 17:00) Operator on site with expert from remote
Status: Ended
Description: After collecting lots of unlocks, I called the ISC. After some tries, I was able to relock and put the ITF in SCIENCE.

(08-09-2019 14:45 - 08-09-2019 15:00) From remote
Status: Ended
Description: Due to an unlock the LC of the WE were opened. After some failed attempt I called the On-call and he properly solved the situation.

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