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Virgo Runs (O3)
Cleva, Kefelian - 11:11 Wednesday 14 August 2019 (46665) Print this report
Glitch at the ML level?

it seems some sudden slope change has occured in the ML with no visible reason.

# visible in plot2, on ML_PZT_CORR.

- It triggers some correction at the EOM_CORR. According to the actuation path cross (30 kHz) between the pzt and the EOM, EOM_CORR should be the ML_PZT_CORR signal filtered by a high pass filter. Nothing unsual there.

- the signal ML_FREQ_Q_MONIT features a small glitch contemporary of EOM_CORR and with a quite different sgnature than the one of ML_PZT_CORR: it means ML_PZT_CORR is there to compensate some freq. drift which has occured inside the ML, and is not driving the frequency of the PSL.

# plot1

- the trend of the ML_PZT_CORR does not fit with other signals and confirm that the issue comes from the inside of the ML


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