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AdV-SBE (EIB-SAS commissioning)
boom, bertolini, derossi, swinkels - 14:12 Tuesday 13 August 2019 (46659) Print this report
Preparing EIB-SAS motion injections

Between 10:30 and 11:30 UTC, we tested a new feature on EIB-SAS for scattered light investiations that allows to inject a low frequency sine into any of the bench degrees of freedom while the bench loop is closed. Actuation at 0.1 Hz with an amplitude of 5 "um" / "urad" as set in the config file produces the following bench motion:

Bench DOF peak-peak motion (um) Maximum peak-peak actuation voltage (Vpp)
x 40 3
y 7 0.4
z 40 3
Tx 8 0.3
Ty 8 < 0.1
Tz 7 0.3

The sine injection can be enabled/disabled from control buttons in the VPM (the higher frequency noise injections were found to not always be stable). The ACL_INFO flags relay_inj_flag and relay_sin_flag indicate in how many degrees of freedom signals are injected, and should be 0 during normal operation. 

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