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Virgo Runs (O3)
menzione - 6:56 Sunday 11 August 2019 (46642) Print this report
Operator Report - Night shift

Upon arrival, I found ITF in Science Mode with BNS Range ~43 Mpc.
Troubleshooting Mode set in order to allow the Vacuum OnCall intervention at WE Building from 21:30 to 21:40 UTC.
Triggered by the Seismon flag alarm of DMS I set ITF in Earthquake configuration (ITF was already in Troubleshooting Mode) but unfortunately, after 1 minute (at 21:31 UTC), ITF unlocked anyway. The Earthquake happened in Indonesia with Mag 5.6 (fig1,2).
ITF relocked at first attempt. Science Mode set at 21:50 UTC with BNS Range ~43 Mpc.

22:41 UTC - [gracedb] Fermi event created: E346875. Alert reset at 22:42 UTC.

Guard tours (times in UTC)

  • from 21:30 to 22:02
  • from 23:15 to 24:00
  • from 01:31 to 02:00
  • from 04:00 to 04:31
  • from 04:52 to ...

21:00 UTC - FbTrend_10800 (VPM) crashed / restarted.
21:50 UTC EarlyWarning (VPM) stopped / restarted in order to reset the Seismon DMS Alarm.

(10-08-2019 21:00 - 10-08-2019 23:30) On site
Status: Ended
Description: VAC_LN2WE__LT01_PS_LEVEL Red flag on DMS.
phase separator power supply fault.
Oncall came on-site to fix the problem.

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ruggi - 10:46 Sunday 11 August 2019 (46645) Print this report

More likely the lockloss was due to human activity, because the effect of the earthquake was negligible. There is also the possibility that the unlock was caused by the safe procedure itself, because it happened when it was still going on.

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