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Virgo Runs (O3)
magazzu - 6:58 Wednesday 10 July 2019 (46310) Print this report
Operator Report - Night Shift 9 July 2019

Recovery in progress at the beginning of the shift. From 21:29 UTC to 21:58 UTC A. Bertolini remotely recovered the vertical position of SDB2 that was decreasing due to the intervention in the afternoon.
After this activity we tried to relock again but unfortunately the IMC was very unstable, LOW_NOISE_1 reached again 23:37 UTC.
The ITF systematically unlocked while locking the first OMC. J. Casanueva investigated the alignment of the ITF but no major issue were found. Under request of the Run Coordinator I contacted the DET Oncall ( R. Bonnard ) at 2:35 UTC and R. Gouaty at 4:07 UTC.
Scan of the OMC in progress.

WE LC opened at 23:42 UTC after unlock. Loops closed at 23:48 UTC.

Guard Tour
22:19 UTC - 22:53 UTC
0:37 UTC - 1:15 UTC
2:28 UTC - 3:00 UTC
4:10 UTC - 4:40 UTC

DMS: Tank / VAC..WE1_LN2_BAR: to be monitored. If the value increased up to 2.5 contact VAC OnCall.

Comments to this report:
bonnand - 10:18 Wednesday 10 July 2019 (46314) Print this report

I did answer the call, but after less than 4 hours of sleep and having worked already from 8:00 to 00:30. I thought it would not be reasonable to act on the machine.

I understand that on-call are supposed to be available 24/7 but humans need to sleep. We are not saving life here, science is important but on-call people are not robot.

In my opinion, the ITF can wait for a few hours when long and difficult recovery actions happen, even during a science run.


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