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Virgo Runs (O3)
masserot - 14:45 Thursday 06 June 2019 (46045) Print this report
DAQ oncall


Around 11h15UTC the rtpc15 became unreachable from ping . A reboot was mandatory to recover this host. After the servers were succeffuly restarted

2019-06-06-11h38m30-UTC    info masserot     process:TproImgPAY50Hz started
2019-06-06-11h38m37-UTC    info masserot     process:PAY_Img_50Hz started
2019-06-06-11h38m40-UTC    info masserot     process:SQZ_Img started
2019-06-06-11h38m44-UTC    info masserot     process:SMS_rtpc15 started

TCS SMS channels recovery

I was informed by Ilaria that the channels "V1:TCS_HWS*" wer not available in the trend stream, in fact they were not stored .

This was due to the fact that 2 serial channels with the same name was built by 2 Fbs servers (FbsMoni and FbsAlp), The missing channels are provided by the TCSSm server collected previously by  the FbsAlp server. Moving the TCSSm server data collection to FbsMoni where all the TSC sms channels are collected allows to fix the problem.

Now the "V1:TCS_HWS*" channels are now available in the RDS, RAW_FULL and the TREND streams. They will be available in the RAW streams at the next maintenance period as the StToStol01IN_{1,2} and StToStol02IN_{1,2}  servers have to be restarted.

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masserot - 7:40 Tuesday 11 June 2019 (46071) Print this report

TCS SMS channels recovery: the StToStol01IN_{1,2} and StToStol02IN_{1,2}  servers have to be restarted to store the "V1:TCS_HWS*"  in the RAW streams

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