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AdV-TCS (CO2 laser projector)
nardecchia, rocchi - 12:04 Tuesday 14 May 2019 (45886) Print this report
WI DAS OUT calibration
In agreement with Alessio, profiting of the maintenance I performed again a sort of calibration of the WI DAS OUT power.
I rotated the half wave plate in order to evaluate the maximum power trasmitted by the polarizer on the power meter along this line. I found 6.496 W, that is the power blocked on bench and not injected in the ITF. Thus this value corresponds to the lower value of power (around 0 W) projected on the CP (see fig 1). Then I rotated again the half wave plate to restore the initial value of the power projected on the CP, i.e. 6.194 W, corresponding to a power project on the CP of about (28+/-12) mW.
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