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Virgo Runs (O3)
berni - 22:59 Wednesday 10 April 2019 (45619) Print this report
Operator report - afternoon shift
ITF found in Science mode.

It unlocked at 16:37 UTC after 21h21m of continuous lock; the reason of the unlock seems due to missing data of many channels (see attached plot); looking at the log file of the process SDB_EDB_Fb we can see this kind of message:
2019-04-10-16h37m00-UTC>ERROR..-[TolmFrameBuilderFrontEnd] packet rejected for EDB_PC_DAQ_10000Hz, SDB1_FAST_SHUTTER_DAQ_10000Hz, SDB2_LC_DAQ_10000Hz, ...
To be confirmed by experts.

At 16:55 UTC the ITF was relocked at the first attempt with squeezer injected and PRCL->SSFS subtraction disabled because it had been left commented in
At 16:57 I manually activated the PRCL->SSFS subtraction.
At 16:59 UTC ITF in Science mode.

ITF in Science mode at the end of the shift.

Guard tours (time in UTC)
from 19:40 to 20:30;
from 21:30 to 22:00
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masserot - 5:58 Thursday 11 April 2019 (45620) Print this report
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mwas - 15:11 Thursday 11 April 2019 (45624) Print this report

Looking at the various log-files, the OMCs think there is a problem with the temperature control and are shutdown, which 2 seconds later causes the ITF to unlock.

DET_MAIN looks whether the Fast Shutter process is working properly, it also detects the issue, but a few months ago we put a protection, which waits for 3seconds of consecutive data loss before reacting. The same could be implemented on the temperature control check for the OMC.

2019-04-10-16h36m59-UTC>WARNING-Temperature not controlled...
2019-04-10-16h37m00-UTC>INFO...-cm_send('SDB1_OMC', 'AcRelayChTranSet', 'OMC1_Peltier_stab_cmd_sw', -1)
2019-04-10-16h37m00-UTC>INFO...-cm_send('SDB1_OMC', 'AcRelayChTranSet', 'OMC2_Peltier_stab_cmd_sw', -1)
2019-04-10-16h37m00-UTC>INFO...-cm_send('SDB1_OMC', 'AcRampChTranSet', 'OMC1_T1_ramp', 1, -1)
2019-04-10-16h37m00-UTC>INFO...-cm_send('SDB1_OMC', 'AcRampChTranSet', 'OMC2_T1_ramp', 1, -1)
2019-04-10-16h37m00-UTC>WARNING-in SHUTDOWN main
2019-04-10-16h37m01-UTC>WARNING-in OMCs_UNLOCK main


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