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Paoletti, Fiori - 16:07 Tuesday 02 April 2019 (45517) Print this report
iRobot Roomba 650 seismic test

We took profit of the presence of many NN seismic sensor at NEB for testing the tranfer function of a cleaning Roomba system (from top of the Roomba to the floor).

We put the Roomba near the NNNEB007 sensor, and placed over it the NNNEB006 sensor using a double-stick tape.

The setup will remain in that configuration until the next maintenance period, where everything will roll-back.

NN sensors measure only the vertical axis, so no information will be available about horizontal transfer function.

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Paoletti - 9:38 Tuesday 09 April 2019 (45599) Print this report
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Paoletti, Fiori - 11:34 Tuesday 11 June 2019 (46074) Print this report

NNNEB006 Innoseis sensor has been put back on its original position.

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