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AdV-SAT (Suspension control upgrade)
Boschi, Ruggi - 19:00 Thursday 28 March 2019 (45443) Print this report
DMS review

A review of the Suspension DMS flags has been performed. Now the thresholds have been set in order to require an intervention, either by an operator or by an expert, only if a flag becomes red. A matrix with the actions will be also prepared for the operators.

Comments to this report:
Boschi, Majorana - 18:40 Tuesday 02 April 2019 (45524) Print this report

A set of thresholds on the power of the optical lever SLEDs has been added in the PAY section for all long towers. A flag becoming red would suggest aging of the relevant SLED.

Boschi, Majorana, Ruggi - 18:54 Friday 12 April 2019 (45631) Print this report

A few changes has been made in the DMS flags:

  • Optical lever SLED power thresholds have been added for both IB and MC
  • Stricter thresholds have been set for error signals of both IB and MC payload signals
  • F7 saturation flags based on diagonalized corrections have been added for all long suspensions.
Boschi, Majorana, Ruggi - 14:37 Friday 19 April 2019 (45681) Print this report

This is the matrix of DMS actions to be performed when one or more flags of the suspension system become red.

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