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AdV-COM (AdV commissioning (1st part) )
berni, bersanetti, bonnand, vardaro - 2:16 Thursday 14 March 2019 (45254) Print this report
First part of recovery

We started the recovery after the SDB2 intervetion:

  • tuning of B1p_56MHz, B1p_QD2_H_56MHz, B1p_QD2_V_56MHz, B5_QD2_H_56MHz and B5_QD2_V_56_MHz
  • reduced the SSFS gain in in from MICH_OFF_03 to MICH_OFF_01 by a factor 0.8
  • reduced DARM GAIN  from MICH_OFFSET_01, to LOW_NOISE_1 by a factor 0.67
  • reduced PRCL GAIN by a factor 0.1 from PR_ITF_DF to LOW_NOISE_1

When the ITF unlcoks the shutter and the Vbias of B1p_QD2  are not automatically re-switched on

We reached LOW_NOISE_1 without major problem and the dark fringe looks good considering that the TCS is switched off.