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AdV-DAQ (Data Acquisition and Global Control)
masserot, goauty, letendre - 22:12 Monday 21 January 2019 (44466) Print this report
SIB2 DBOX timing error drift on 20190117-18h40UTC

According the logbook 44429, the SIB2 bench was opened to install some attenuators of  the quadrant DC channels .

During this intervention one can observed  a drift  only on all the SIB2 DBoxes timing error channels:

  • SIB2_DBOX_RightDown_timimg_error:  +200ns
  • SIB2_DBOX_RightUp_timing_error:  +60ns
  • SIB2_DBOX_LeftDown_timing_error: +30ns
  • SIB2_DBOX_LeftUp_timing_error: +30ns

The RFC and B2 demodulation mezzanines are in the SIB2_DBOX_RightDown DBOX . The 200ns jump could explain the B2 and RFC phase tuning  needed to re-lock the ITF

Nervertheless, the causes of  these jumps are not yet understood

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masserot, letendre - 15:02 Tuesday 22 January 2019 (44480) Print this report

The SIB2 data sent to the SSFS start to be delivered too late at the SSFS mezzanine level in the same period  (see plot)

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