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AdV-DAQ (Software Framework)
cortese, masserot, pacaud - 12:02 Tuesday 14 September 2021 (53142) Print this report
SIB2_rtpc(rtpc18) and FDS_Img_rtpc (rtpc7) : Filesystem update

The filesystem of theĀ  SIB2 rtpc and the FDS_Img rtpc have been upgraded from 4.9.80-hal-4-rtai-5.1 to 4.14.111-hal-3-rtai-5.2 .

All the servers have been rebuilt , restarted and the LC loops closed successfully

Comments to this report:
cortese - 17:29 Tuesday 14 September 2021 (53146) Print this report

Actually, only the kernel image has been updated as specified, not the filesystem layer.

At the same time the firmware of the hardware platform has been taken to the latest release for this baseline.

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