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AdV-FLT (Installation)
capocasa, francescon, macchia, pasqualetti, tacca - 19:05 Wednesday 16 June 2021 (52171) Print this report
Baffle installation on the END mirror

Profiting of the microtower in air for alignment purposes, we installed the missing baffle also on the end mirror:

  • we removed both the dome and the intermediate ring of the tower to have access to the payload. In order to remove the intermediate ring, we had to dismantle the windows to avoid interference with the optical lever breadboards and to separate the cavity pipe;
  • we blocked the inverted pendulum and we installed the frame on the front side of the cage;
  • we installed the two parts of the baffle on the frame;
  • we closed the tank, reinstalling all the windows and reconnecting the pipe;
  • we released the inverted pendulum, we recentered it and we proeprly closed the position loops;
  • we realigned the optical levers, we adjusted the marionette working points and we closed also the angular loops.
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capocasa, vardaro - 20:10 Wednesday 16 June 2021 (52173) Print this report

FCEM marionette has been properly oriented looking at the back reflection from the open flange. We did the adjustment with open loop.

  • TX has been adjusted moving the marionette TX motor (number 5)
  • TY has been adjusted adding a DC on the coils (0.15 V)

Then we centered oplev PSD and closed the loop. We needed to further adjust the loop set-points to find the flashes. (TX = -100, TY= -500)

We have also realigned PSD2 (TZ), PSD3 (MIR_TY, MIR_TX) and PSD 4 (MIR_Z) 

Config file has been updated with the new values.

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