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AdV-TCS (Ring Heater)
nardecchia - 17:30 Friday 16 October 2020 (49677) Print this report
Update on WE & NE RH and HWS power supplies

After the replacement of the mini racks housing the RH and HWS-HR power supplies in the two end buildings, the HWS-HR and RHs power supplies have been re-mounted in the new racks (see fig. 1 for the WE and fig. 2 for the NE).

The NE rack is not powered to 220 V yet, so:

-RH power supply OFF

-HWS-HR power supply OFF

The WE rack cabling is completed, so:

-RH power supply ON

-HWS-HR power supply ON.

I also restarted the WE RH process on the VPM.

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