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AdV-DAQ (Data Acquisition and Global Control)
masserot - 12:12 Tuesday 04 June 2019 (46028) Print this report
DAQ maintenace activities

Here the report of the DAQ maintenace activities

  • Restart all the FrameMergers (FbmFE,FbmMain,FbmAlp,FbmSt,Stol01IN_1,Stol01RawFbm_10,Stol02IN_2,Stol02RawFbm_10,Stol03IN_1,Stol03FullFbm_10,RDSFbm_20) with the following parameters to reduce the potential disturbances in case of data access on this kind of server even if it s forbidden
    • # Maximun server allows to connect - channel list lifetime(s) - Post Queue size
    • FDOUT_CM_SERVER 2 1 5
  • Enable the check of the Hrec channels at the STOL(FmStol01) and BACK(FmStol02) streams
  • Reconfigure the SQZ_DBOX_2 to reset it timing_error after a intervention in the detection electronic room


Comments to this report:
masserot - 7:39 Tuesday 11 June 2019 (46070) Print this report

Restart the FrameMerger servers with FDOUT_CM_SERVER 2 0 5 instead of FDOUT_CM_SERVER 2 1 5 to improve the situation.

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